Jahra Pakistani School

Jahra Pakistani School (JPS) is located in Jahra, behind the courts.

Established in 2002 and owned by Asas International for Educational Services since September 2005, JPS represents humanity and love towards human beings.

The campus offers furnished air conditioned class rooms from Kindergarten till Grade 5. Excellent facilities includes a basketball court, entertainment hall, a canteen, library, Art and Crafts facilities, and Science and Computer laboratories.

JPS’s school day is from 7 am - 2 pm.

The school brings together the very best philosophies and good practices from school systems around the world.

Our goals are Quality Education, Academic Excellence, All Round Development and Strong Character.

School Profile
  • Year of Establishment    :    2005
  • Grades served                 :    K.G. + Elementary
  • No. of Pupils                   :    1100 pupils
  • Edu. Facilities                 :    ICT lab, art room, library, AVA room
  • Entertain. Facilities        :    Theatre, playgrounds
  • Others                              :    Mini clinic with resident nurse.
Contact Details

To contact JPS,
Jahra Pakistani School
Old Jahra,
Block # 92,
Behind the courts
Al Jahra
Tel: 965 – 2458-0115
Fax: 965 – 2457-6018
Website : www.jahrapakistani.com

If you are interested in enrolling your child with us and want to view our facilities, feel free to come and visit us during operating hours.

Mission Statement

The School promotes inquiring, knowledgeable, reflective, and caring learners who develop personal skills to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.
Reflected in a variety of defined outcomes and assessments, we support students to become compassionate, lifelong, and actively involved learners who recognize the differences among people and will contribute to a better future global society.

Vision Statement

We believe that the School should be a place where everyone can succeed and where everyone feels that they have a connection and involvement in the fabric of our school culture. Everyone is part of a team, speaking with one voice, working for everyone's success.


Our educators are learners as well as teachers offering students an education that goes beyond the classroom. They have dynamic, active and creative approach to education with global perspective in life. They care deeply that every child reaches his or her maximum potential. They are loving, dedicated, committed and versatile.
Teaching Staff         Non – Teaching Staff


Affiliated to Pakistani syllabus, with classes from Nursery to Class 5 the Pakistani curriculum is followed.


The pre-primary wing of the school comprises classes LKG and UKG and takes care of the needs of early childhood learning. At this age, the foundation of a child's personality is laid through first exposure to outside world hence we have created an environment and a system of teaching which is entirely child friendly. They learn the fundamentals of social skills, group-play, develop verbal ability and develop the skills which is an integral part of the curriculum.

The focus in UKG is on cognitive development and development of the reading habit. The children are encouraged to think, reflect on issues and arrive at their own solutions.

Subjects Taught

English, Mathematics ,Arabic/Urdu, Islamic Studies, Social Studies and General Knowledge

In addition there are classes for art, craft and co-curricular activities
Primary(I to V)

The syllabus becomes more extensive at this level and gradually the young learner is exposed to a wide range of subjects and study materials which is suitably upgraded.

Subjects Taught

General Science, Pakistan Social Studies, Kuwait Social Studies
Computer education.
Arabic / Urdu
Physical Education
Islamic Studies

In addition there are classes for arts, crafts and co-curricular activities.

Principal’s Message

"The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence, the second listening, the third memory, the fourth practice and the fifth teaching others"
– Solomon Ibn Gabriel

Our school is progressing fast not only in academic efficiency but also in various extracurricular activities that can enhance the overall formation of the students. Education should aim at the integral growth of the person which will make one competent to take up the present day challenge in a fast developing society.

School years are times of youthfulness, growth in knowledge and wisdom, the making of friendships, sharing in many joyful activities, developing one's skills and talents , all towards the goal becoming responsible young men and women one day, who'll be the leaders of tomorrow.

JPS has a good reputation in only aiming on the good ethics of education. All these goals are achieved by the complete support of our Director General & management, sincere & dedicated staff, understanding & cooperative parents and budding talents.