Gulf British Academy

Gulf British Academy’s main aim is to provide a happy, pleasant and stimulating environment where relationships between all members of the community - children and adults - are based on mutual trust, understanding and respect. We provide students with a strong curriculum based on the English National Curriculum. Each student is continually assessed with the computerized i-nfer (National Foundation for Educational Research) assessments. The results are then utilized to individualize lessons and objectives to your child’s individual and unique needs; thus, providing them with most stimulating and appropriate activities and objectives. The family feel of our school helps each child to develop their own personality in a secure and caring environment where we are mindful that tolerance and respect of others are necessary attributes in our society.

School Profile
  • Year of Establishment    :    2005
  • Grades served                 :    KG up to grade 6
  • School Area (sq m)        :    Block 12, Street 2. Just off Amman Street in front of Al Rashid Hospital.
  • Pupils/Class Ratio          :    24/class.
  • No. of students               :    830 (girls & boys).
  • Edu. Facilities                  :    ICT lab, Art Room, well-equipped library, AVA room, Drama Stage and ESL rooms.
  • Entertain. Facilities         :    Theatre, playgrounds, outside extra-curricular activities.
  • Others                              :    Medical clinic with full-time doctor.
We welcome you to visit us in Salmiya, Block 12, Street 2. Just off Amman Street opposite to Al Rashid Hospital.

Tel: 2225-6777/ 9724-7433/ 97247466
Fax: 2565-3668
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